Bathroom Remodel – Ricks Carpenter Remodel Service

The bathroom is one of the most valuable rooms in a home because we use it every day. Hopefully we aren't using it too much! But it is a room that is highly important to us when we need to use it and we want it to be nice and functional and spacious. If you can't say that about your current bathroom then you might be due for a bathroom remodel by Seattle's greatest carpenter remodel service! 

Bathroom remodels themselves are a major upgrade to the home and they change the overall feel and function of your day to day life. Having a bathroom that you love and enjoy is going to bring you into a lighter state every day and it will increase your productivity through your waking and sleeping routines throughout the day. Each bathroom has a different layout and depending upon who lives in your home and who uses this bathroom it is going to determine how this bathroom should function. 

Our experience with bathroom remodeling has taught us a handful of tips and tricks that we can do in order to making your bathroom look brand new again. Some bathroom remodel jobs are major. In that we are moving plumbing and changing core features of the bathroom. Sometimes this involves taking out walls to add more space or putting walls in to creat more privacy. Major bathroom remodels are fun because we get to see the transformation that you've always dreamt of. On the other end of the spectrum we have smaller bathroom remodel jobs like putting in new flooring, or redoing the shower. Each project is going to have it's unique aspects to it and this is why giving us a call with your ideas is going to help us get the ball rolling. 

One thing to think about before starting a bathroom remodel job is what does your ideal bathroom look like. Think about that question and then try to get a really good idea in your head. Once we have this idea we can then put all the bullet points down on a piece of paper. The next big question is how much money do you have to spend on this project. It is an important question because it will help us determine what items from the first question we can actually get done. Each bathroom remodel job is going to have a different budget based on the amount of work that needs to be done. Some jobs are more technical than others. Give us a call and we can see how technical your project is and what we can do in order to make it happen in a timely manner. We do our best to work with each client and to let them communicate what it is they are hoping to accomplish. This way we are all on the same page and we are all working toward the same goal. Once we have that goal in mind we can then take action and start tackling your project one step at a time making sure to bring a quality finish to each step in the process.