Carpenter Remodel Services In Seattle

Carpenter Remodel Services

Flooring - Repairs, Installation, Refinishing

How does changing the floor in your house sound? Or your apartment, or office building? We can do that for you with no problem. After installing a variety of different flooring in different homes we know we can help you pick the right options that bring you the look you are going for. It is good to know that laminate flooring is become more popular and for good reason. It is easy to install in a house and quick as well. There area lot of laminate flooring materials that bring a high quality look to your finished home. Ask us about the best laminate flooring and what we think will fit the best for your home. We do a variety of other flooring materials. Whatever type of floor you are wanting, just let us know and we will be happy to help you make it happen. Hard floors are a huge benefit to your home because they are easy to clean and they bring a high quality look to the inside of your house. If you don't have hard floors lets make it happen!

Crown Molding

Crown molding can bring your house to the next level, a detail that brings the quality and overall feel of your home to perfection. Remodeling with crown molding will bring value and style to your house. There are several options when it comes to the style of crown molding you want to put into your home: colonial style, modern style, are two popular examples. No matter what type of style you decide to install, our professional carpenter is ready to help you with all the details and install your crown molding for you. Crown molding is transformative and an elegant upgrade for your home. 

Custom Shelving

Shelving is an important aspect to any home and there is a wide variety for creative shelving to best serve and improve your home. Having years of carpentry service we are ready to build you the shelves of your dreams! Do you have a creative shelving idea in mind? Give us a call and let us know what you are thinking and we will figure out how we can make it happen. 


Adding a deck to your outdoor living space on your home is the one thing keeping you from outdoor BBQ's with the family, enjoyable evenings with friends, and quiet mornings finding peace as the sun rises. If you want to add a deck to your home we are the one's who can help you. Let our carpenter skills amaze you as we design and build the deck of your dreams. 

Fencing For Your Property

Adding a fence to your property just got easier! We are skilled and ready to provide you with the fence you are looking for. We enjoy building fences and we know the value they can provide to a property and the family that lives there. Whether you are wanting more security or privacy, we can help you design and pick the fence that is going to best serve your property. 

Kitchen Remodel Service

We provide a variety of updates we can bring to your kitchen. Please give us a call and tell us about your kitchen in order to get a free quote from us. 

Bathroom Remodel Service

We provide a variety of updates we can bring to your bathroom. Please give us a call and tell us about your bathroom in order to get a free quote from us.