Crown Molding – Ricks Carpenter Remodel Service

What's the crowing glory of your home and the design of the interior? Well it is the stylish crown molding trim you find overhead throughout your house. The crown molding adds an architectural feel and character to your home while also brining a visual divider between the cealing and the walls, either adding contrast between the two or folding the two together with a nice transition. Crown molding can be used to cover up cracks or if there was a taping job gone wrong, or it can simply be for aesthetic reasons just to bring some elegance and a little bit more personality into your home living space. 

Crown molding is sometimes labeled as cornices, and it has been around since ancient Greece. Back in ancient Greece the crown molding would have been chiseled in by highly skilled craftsmen who spent their time building the molding out of stone or creating a mold and molding the pieces in plaster. Today we understand crown molding to be any trim that horizontally separates the ceiling from the wall and it usually adorns the height of an architectural element like cabinets or doors. The term crown molding is also used for a shape of trim that is used that has a contour fit to it. This fit goes at an angle separating the wall the ceiling making a nice transition to the eye. When you get your crown molding manufactured it can come in thousands of different designs, shapes, and sizes. This gives the home owner a huge range of ideas to choose from. The common width of crown molding ranges from 1.5 inch to 7.5 inch usually. Typically a larger molding width is going to be used in a larger room or a room/building we find more important such as a federal building or a courtroom for example. Professional finish carpenters have the skills to create large cornices by combining different moldings together. This skill gives you the variety to create millions of combinations. Baseboards, cove, bead boards, are all examples of materials that can be joined with other crown moldings to make it larger and more impactful to the eye. When you combine crown moldings together like this you get a very unique custom look to your room. 

You can put crown molding in almost every room of your house, however you want to be intentional about why and where you are doing it. Rooms with high ceilings benefit from installing crown molding as it adds a visual divider and brings the ceiling into a more collected feel of the room. It makes the fullness of the room feel like one piece. When you are looking for crown molding you must first consider how the room is presenting itself already. You want to pick a molding that is going to back the room up with it's overall feel and add to the character of the room itself. Picking the wrong crown molding can take away from the room by either drawing too much attention to it or completely fading in to where it can't be seen. Putting a stained wood crown molding in a Victorian-style house is an example of where the crown molding was probably not the best fit for the home. If you have a small room with low ceilings than you will want to avoid using a large and detailed crown molding. There are a lot of aspects to think about when adding crown molding to your home and we are right here to help you out, just give us a call today!