Custom Shelving – Ricks Carpenter Remodel Service

You can find a shelf in every home. One of the very first things people think about when setteling into a home is, "where can I put my things?" And shelving is the answer. Having shelves is one thing, but having custom shelves made by a professional carpenter is a whole different level of awesome. Think about the way your shelves look right now and what your room would look like with an upgrade. Or maybe you just purchased a home and you really want it to look nice with custom wood shelves in the appropriate places. This is exactly what we are here for! Let us help you find or create the best shelves for your living space. There are so many ideas out there of how to having shelving space and we enjoy the creative process of finding what is going to look best for you and your home. We help you pick out and design a shelving system that is going to store all your items safely and also have a great look and feel. 

Have you ever had someone say, "wow those shelves are cool?" 

Well we have, a lot! Because we love helping our customers get the shelves of their dreams. If you have a shelving project in your house the first thing to consider is what are the shelves going to be used for? Once you know the purpose behind the creation of the shelves then you have a better idea of how strong and what size they should be. If your shelves are too small then they won't be able to hold all of your things and they also might not be strong enough to hold your items. Shelves that connect to the structure of your home, like the two by four studs in your walls, are going to be a lot stronger and able to hold up a lot of weight. For smaller items or smaller shelves we can often get away with screwing into drywall or other materials, but ideally we want to make the shelves as strong as possible just in case! You know there is nothing like putting up a new shelf in you home. 

Another item to consider when choosing shelving is what type of material you want the shelves made out of. A shelf that is going to go in the pantry to hold up cans of food is going to look and feel different than a shelf that is going to hold your keys by the door. Each shelf will have it's purpose but you want the shelf's identity and the purpose to align. We personally enjoy making custom wood shelves and leaving you with the option to either paint the shelves or stain them with a nice finish. It will all depend on the look and feel you want for your home. If you have a shelving project in mind for your home give us a call so we can help you think through some of the options you might not know about yet. After we discuss your options we can then move forward with the project and see those shelves come to life in your home.