Decking – Ricks Carpenter Remodel Service


"Add a deck to your home!" They said.

"It will be awesome!" They said... and actually it was!  haha. 

Adding a deck to your home is a solid home improvement project that can be done by any professional carpenter who has experiece with decking. Whether you are remodeling a home, building a home, or just want to repair or refinish the current deck you have, it's all going to turn out for the better in the end. People love having a deck to spend time on. Having a deck on your home to share meals with, have parties, spend quality time, or just extra space outside is all a huge improvement to your living environment. We specialize in creating the deck that is perfect for you! We know each deck situation is going to be different and so we do our best to assess the situation. Meaning we look at the layout of your home, the outdoor space and all it brings to the equation and then we help you deside on what type of decking is going to be the best for your situation. We know that each deck is going to serve a different purpose but when you really think about it all decks are doing the same thing. A deck will expand the living space of your home and specifically the outdoor living space. If you want a nice covered deck to keep the hot sun away this can be done easy as pie. We are happy to help you figure out what type of deck is going to be best for you. We pick through the materials list in order to get a game plan based on your final outlook desire and also your budget. We want to make sure we are building the deck correctly and we don't want you to get a larger bill than you were anticipating. We give a lot of customers quotes before we even start to just get an idea of what type of dollar figures we are looking at for this project. This helps buyer know what we are getting into and then there is no sticker shock at the end. We all know that is deck is going to bring more value to your home and so it is an investment worth making. You really want to have a setup where it makes people feel comfortable to be outside and we have some tricks of the trade we can show you in order to make this happen. It's really not too complicated for us once we get it started. Yes there is a lot to think about when you are making a deck but we are happy to help you because you are going to be pleased and have a much more enjoyable home to live in with this new deck of yours!

In case you have a deck that is older and just needs some attention in order to make it look new again. We are happy to help with this project. A lot of wood decks will need some sanding and staining in order to stay maintained properly. What's nice about this on going process is that you can change the color of the stain if you want it to have a different look every few years. Whatever it is, please give us a call so that we can help you with all your decking needs!