Fencing – Home Improvement Projects

Fencing adds a quality to your property that is visiable from the outside which brings value to those who are looking at your property for leasure and those who are considering buying your property. Either way, adding a fence to your property is going to increase it's property value and it is also going to provide a level of security and privacy. We know that you want your fence to not only look great but to be built well and to last a long time. Whenever we build a fence for a customer we make sure we know beforehand what exactly the customer has in mind. This way we can bring their idea to reality in a way that best serves them. We believe our job is done when the customer is happy with the final product. Installing fence isn't easy when it's your first time. There is a lot of technical aspects to consider, but as you build more and more fences over time you start to get a feel for what is going on and what ends up happening is that you establish a skill that gives you the confidence to build a fence almost anywhere. One place might have great soft soil, and another might be rocky ground. What do you do in these situations? What if your yard is at a slope and you want your fence to step down in a couple spots, what are you going to do there? These are all questions we have figured out the answer to and with our proven methods we can build you a fence anywhere! We are so excited when it's building day and our customers get to see their fence go up. It is almost like your property feels like a whole new place. A fence helps us divide our lots of land but it also gives us some space to call our own. It's nice to have a backyard that your dogs or children can play in without having to worry if they are going to run out into the street. A fence gives us this level of security that we sometimes don't realize after it has been there for a while. 

Speaking of fences that have been up for a while... If you have a fence that is starting to look a little tired it might be time for an update. We can fix your broken fence, replace pieces, sand and stain, and refinish you fence for your with paint or stain. This is going to make your fence look like it is brand new again. Everyone is supprised when you take a fence and give it an update because it looks so much better in just a short amount of time. It is amazing what some pressure washing and staining can do to a fence and then applying some stain or paint to finish it off is going to make it look that much better. If you have a fence that is on the tired side of life, give us a call and we'd be happy to help!