Flooring – Ricks Carpenter Remodel Service

Adding new floors in your home is a step in the right direction of completely transforming your home. We often don't think about the impact a floor has on our overall experience inside a dwelling. Upgrading to hard floors or refinishing your current hard floors will give a cleanliness and eligance your home needs. We focus on bringing the kind of hard floors into your home that will best fit your family, life style, and pets! There are a lot of affordable options on the market today that make installation quick and easy without loosing quality and a professional finish. We strive to pick the best quality products that will be long lasting and servive the moving of furniture, water spilling, pet's claws, and more! 

So many homes are upgrading to hard flooring because of how easy they are to clean and the quality they bring to your home in look and feel. We recommend giving us a call to talk about what kind of hard flooring is going to be the best fit for you and your home. Each home is going to be different and depending upon the colors and shapes you currently have in your we will be able to determine what type of flooring is going to make the biggest impact. We have seen the value of homes goes up just because new flooring was put in. This is a significant improvement to your home that you will not regret. We will want to figure out if a light colored flooring or dark colored flooring is going to look best in your home. Something that people don't always think about is how difficult or easy it is to see dirt and dust on different colors of materials. We recently visited a home that had black counter tops and upon first glance they counters looked clean and nice. However, after you walked up to the counters and got down level with them you noticed they were very dirty and there were actually some ants traveling across the service. The ants were black and the counter top was black which made it challenging to see them. If these counters would have been white or a lighter color we would have been able to see what was really going on. Some people like to see how dirty their surfaces in their home are because they want to keep them really clean, while others would prefer to not see how dirty they are because they are the type of person that isn't going to spend as much time or effort put into cleaning the house. This all applies to picking out the color of your flooring and how cleanliness is going to be impacted by it. Another aspect to consider is what color are your walls and cealing in your home. Your flooring is going to either fade or contrast these colors and depending upon the look you want in your home we need to make sure the flooring is going to bring those results. Some people are in search of actual hard wood floors and this is an option we have as well. Hard wood floors are going to be more expensive and they will need to be maintained just like any other wood surfaces.