Kitchen Remodel – Ricks Carpenter Remodel Service

Having your kitchen remodel done by Ricks Carpenter Remodel is going to change your world for the better!

We are so excited to tell you that if you are looking for a kitchen remodel in the Seattle Washington area, we are the crew for you! We are professional carpenters and we provide a variety of remodeling services including kitchen remodel services.

Remodeling a kitchen can include a wide variety of options and they are all going to bring a different level of look an feel to your food space. We know that the kitchen is one of the most trafficed areas of the home and asking for a kitchen remodel is like getting a tune up on your engine! It's super important! 

A remodeled kitchen is not only going to make you love your kitchen that much more, it is going to bring up the overall value of your home. It is often said in the real estate business that "kitchens sell homes" and it's so true! Think about the most important rooms to a home and what you really want to look and function at it's very best. It's the kitchen! Of course! We love the kitchen so much because this is where we eat and drink and find nurishment for our bodies. Not only that, but the kitchen is where memories are made and why is this space disfunctional and not pleasing to the eye? It doesn't have to be and it shouldn't. This is where our remodeling services come into play. As expert carpenters we know exactly what to look for when remodeling a kitchen and we know a lot of tips and tricks that we have learned over the years to update your kitchen at a lower cost with less effort. There are some kitchen remodel jobs where all the cabinets need to be replaced, but this is an extreme. A lot of times the current cabinets are just fine and we end up resurfacing them to make them look amazing! What happens in this situation is everyone think the cabinets look brand new but they are still the functioning and good quality cabinets you had before, they just look like it now! 

A lot of homes are transitioning their over feel into a more modern look. This often start in the main living areas of the home including the kitchen. If you have a certain look and feel you really want when you walk into your kitchen then a kitchen remodel is exactly what you need. For other customers it is primarily a practical issue that they are facing. Either the drawers aren't working or there isn't enough space to even move around, let alone two people moving around. Try cooking thanksgiving dinner in a small kitchen. With our knowledge of homes and how they are built we have the ability to expand your kitchen making it larger and much more enjoyable. Ask us about our design oportunities for you and your upcoming kitchen remodel project!